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Showbooth is a great solution for your store, showroom, trade show, or other special events.

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Showbooth is an app for Apple TV that plays cyclical slideshows with various media on TV screens. It can be used on a store, showroom, trade show booth, expositions and other locations.


Showbooth was especially tailored for Apple TV. Just plug it to your TV and you’ll be able to play your custom built slideshows right away.


Showbooth displays dynamic slideshows with photos and videos. Still photos are animated by the famous "Ken Burns Effect" and transitions between available media are smooth and seamless.


You can connect an iPad to Showbooth to offer interactivity to your visitors, allowing them to temporarily override the original slideshow and choose between the different media and information available.


If you take advantage of the interactive mode in Showbooth, you'll be able to display useful text and grid information on your TV display.


No need to have advanced technology skills. Showbooth was made to be very easy to setup and even easier to use.


Showbooth is designed to take advantage of your beautiful high definition 1080p display.


When a slideshow is modified in the server, Showbooth will automatically update the slideshow while it's playing, requiring no intervention.

More About Showbooth

Photo property of Audi AG.

SLIDESHOW – A smart algorithm selects the media to play, avoiding showing similar items on each cycle and each cycle is different than the one before. Photos are animated and transitions are seamless. Captions with title and subtitle can be assigned to the media in the slideshow.

Photos property of Porsche AG.

MENU – Using the Apple TV Remote, items can be selected to override the regular cyclical slideshow, temporarily playing the selected item's slideshow.

Photos property of Daimler AG.

MEDIA – While a selected item's slideshow is playing, all the different media available for that item (photos, videos or even text information) can be shown at will.

Photo property of BMW AG.

INFO – Multiple simple pieces of text or table data can be shown for each item in the slideshow. Very useful for specifications and additional information about products.

Photo property of BMW Group.

LAYERS – Layers are images that can be added on top of regular slideshow media. They are great to increase the effect of certain media or to add additional information. These can be animated for greater impact.

Photos property of Audi AG.

INTERACTION – Using an iPad and the Showbooth Remote app you can provide interactivity to your visitors allowing them to view whatever they wish from the slideshow.

What you need


1 Any flat screen TV with HDMI connector should work. For the best result, use a TV display capable of Full HD (1080p) and 1:1 pixel mapping (no overscan). More.


2 You'll need a 4th generation (or newer) Apple TV connected to a reliable internet connection. More.


3 Optionally, if you wish to offer interactivity to your viewers, you'll need an iPad. A 9.7-inch iPad or 12.9-inch iPad Pro may be the best choices for a kiosk. More.


4 Talk to us and we'll build your custom hand crafted slideshows. We'll also set up an account so you can download your slideshows to the Showbooth app.


5 Download the free Showbooth apps available on the App Store. In the app you'll be able to download and play your slideshows. Enjoy!

If you need a custom solution based on Showbooth technology, talk to us!