October 12, 2018

Release 1.2

Changes in Showbooth Go 1.2:

  • Support for PDF files - PDF are played without motion, fitted to the screen (with black bars on top or on the sides depending on the aspect of the pages) and as a whole (all pages are played, but still counts as one file in the folder).
  • Support for "fast installations" (for remote slideshows) - by default, Showbooth waits for the end of the slideshow cycle. With "fast_install" enabled in the settings file, the slideshow stops and updates as soon as an update is available and ready.
  • Support for configurable download intervals (for remote slideshows) - the default is still 30 minutes, but now it can be configured in the settings file to be as low as 10 minutes.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.