Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Showbooth Go and Showbooth Player?

Showbooth Go is the newer app, it runs on your Apple TV and it allows anyone to build, deploy and play their own slideshows on any number of devices without depending on us.

Showbooth Player is the legacy app, it runs on your Apple TV, it's the full featured app that only plays slideshows built and hosted by us. Unless you need a solution fully managed by us, you should use Showbooth Go.

Is Showbooth Player deprecated?

No. It's still supported and used actively by our customers.

Is an internet conection required?


What devices should I get for Showbooth?

Apple TV

To run Showbooth Go you'll need an Apple TV that has an App Store (4th generation or newer).


Showbooth should work great with any TV display with HDMI connectors. For best results choose a TV that supports at least 1080p HD and is able to do 1:1 pixel mapping (no overscan compensation).

1:1 Pixel mapping ensures that the image is shown at correct aspect ratio, without letterboxing, windowboxing or scaling. This is not supported by all TVs, and is called different names accross manufaturers: Samsung calls it "Screen Fit" or "No Scan", Pioneer "Dot by Dot", Sony "Full Pixel" and sometimes it's referred as "PC Mode". This mode is also rarely enabled by default.

Don't forget to enable this mode for better results.

Also, the thinner the display's bezel is, the better it'll look!


We have not tested Showbooth with projectors, but we see no reason why it shouldn't work.

Article last updated on November 7th, 2019 [c6d03d].