Installing a Remote Slideshow

Important: This document only applies to Showbooth Go. The functionalities referenced in this document are not supported by Showbooth Player.

About the Remote Installation

This is the best method to deploy your slideshows, especially if you'll be playing your slideshows in more than one device. This method also supports seamless updates (the slideshow doesn't stop and is updated in the background).

For the remote installation method you'll need a Web Server with PHP support ¹ and a FTP/SFTP client (depending on your server).

Before deploying slideshows on a server, be sure that it works correctly by testing it on the device using the local instalation method.

¹ Showbooth Go was successfully tested on Apache 2.0 and Nginx 1.10 web servers and PHP version 5.6 and 7.0. It might run on other web servers or older versions, but its not officially supported.


To install a slideshow on a server:

  1. Add the __showbooth.php script to your slideshow's folder. Don't change the file name and don't edit the script's content (unless you really know what you're doing).
  2. Upload or copy your slideshow folder to your web server using your favorite FTP or SFTP Client to a folder on your server.
  3. On the Showbooth Go app, click on the Add a Slideshow button, choose Remote and add the complete URL where the slideshow is located. Also, don't forget the http:// or https://.


Check the article about updating a remote slideshow.

Article last updated on November 7th, 2019 [e53925].