Important: This document only applies to Showbooth Go. The functionalities referenced in this document are not supported by Showbooth Player.

About Integration

Because a slideshow in Showbooth Go is made of flat files and folders, it's possible to integrate with external data sources (usually data feeds in JSON/ XML or even a database) by generating the files and folder structures that Showbooth needs.

Beginning with version 1.1, before trying to access the __showbooth.php script in your server, Showbooth Go will try to access __showbooth.json.

Because Showbooth accesses a JSON file, PHP is no longer required, you can build your own script in any language your server supports.


Your custom script must do the following for a safe slideshow update.

  1. Add a _lock file to the slideshow directory. This will make sure that Showbooth doesn't try to update while the content is not ready.
  2. Copy all media (images, videos and other files) to the slideshow's directory with the correct group/folder structure.
  3. Generate other needed files: captions, overlays, menus.
  4. Generate a __settings.json file.
  5. Generate a __showbooth.json file with your slideshow's file structure (more info on this bellow).
  6. Remove the _lock file.


For the __showbooth.json file, Showbooth Go expects a JSON file with a list of the files and folders of your slideshow with the following JSON structure:

	"files": [
		{"file": "folder_1/filename_1.jpg", "size": 133700, "modified": 1525854105},
		{"file": "folder_1/filename_2.jpg", "size": 100535, "modified": 1532349458},
		{"file": "folder_2/filename_3.jpg", "size": 518796, "modified": 1531236870},
		{"file": "folder_2/filename_4.jpg", "size": 849972, "modified": 1528881951},
		{"file": "folder_3/filename_5.jpg", "size": 969123, "modified": 1528880998},
		{"file": "folder_3/filename_6.jpg", "size": 449897, "modified": 1422027931}

Article last updated on November 7th, 2019 [1499f5].