Ordering Folders and Media

Important: This document only applies to Showbooth Go. The functionalities referenced in this document are not supported by Showbooth Player.

About Order

By default, Showbooth selects and plays all groups and folders present in the root of the slideshow. Folders and groups are played in the order in which they appear in the filesystem (alphabetically). When showbooth finds a group (folders inside a folder), it'll only choose one folder inside the group. When a folder plays, all images are played, but only one video is played.

Of course, this is all customizable.

Ordering Folders and Media

Simply add a prefix with a number to the folder and/or media file names. For example 01_, 02_ and so on.

Restricting Folders in Each Cycle

Using the folders attribute in the settings, you can restrict the number of folders/groups that Showbooth will play in each cycle, making the slideshow different with each cycle.

When using this, you can also adjust how you want Showbooth to select the folders/groups with the folder_selection attribute in the settings.

For more details about these settings, check the article about settings.

Restricting Media in Folders

By default Showbooth plays all images and chooses only one video in each folder, but you can limit the number of images and videos that will be played in a folder (with the images and videos attributes in the settings), and choose the method Showbooth will use to select the media files to play (with the image_selection and video_selection attributes in the settings).

For more details about these settings, check the article about settings.

Article last updated on March 15th, 2019 [8440c2].