Important: This document only applies to Showbooth Go. The functionalities referenced in this document are not supported by Showbooth Player.

App Report

If you contact us about an issue, we might ask you to send us an app report:

  1. In the app, long press the About button (for more than 1 second).
  2. In the Report screen take note of the Identifier Code, and send it to us. This will allow us to identify your report as coming from you.
  3. Click Send to send us your app report.


If you've found an issue, describe it to us with detail: steps to reproduce, what the issue is, what was expected. We might also ask you to upload your slideshow in some storage service somewhere so we can take a look at it. The more information we have about the issue, the better and faster we'll be able to help you and fix the problem.


We aim to have an high quality app, so we hate crashes and also think that they are totally unacceptable. If you have experienced a crash, tell us about it and how we can replicate the issue so we can fix it.

An invaluable tool to fixing crashes are crash reports, but we'll only receive them if you have agreed to share diagnostic data. If you have it disabled please enable it on your device:

  1. In Settings, select General and Privacy.
  2. Under Analytics Data, select Share Apple TV Analytics and in the dialog that appears below, select Send to Apple.
  3. Select Share with App Developers and in the dialog that appears, select Send to Apple.

Article last updated on November 7th, 2019 [15ffef].