Updating a Local Slideshow

Important: This document only applies to Showbooth Go. The functionalities referenced in this document are not supported by Showbooth Player.

About Local Updates

Updating a local slideshow is essentially replacing the old files with new ones using the same procedure used for installing the slideshow.


To update your slideshow on the device itself:

  1. If the slideshow is playing, exit the slideshow to Showbooth Go's main screen, by clicking the menu button on the Apple TV remote.
  2. Click on the slideshow with a long press (more than 1 second) to access the slideshow menu. Select Manage Files.
  3. While the Update screen is visible, you'll be able to upload your files to your Apple TV. Add the address and port to your WebDAV client and connect to Showbooth Go. If you had a previous connection already opened, be sure to hit refresh on the WebDAV client.
  4. Drop your slideshow folder content into your WebDAV client to upload. You might want to delete the previous content before sending the new content to make things simpler.
  5. When done, exit the Update screen.

Article last updated on November 7th, 2019 [52adfc].