August 1, 2018

Release 1.1

First and foremost, I'd like to thank everybody who subscribed to Showbooth Go and to everyone who sent us valuable feedback about the app and service, it is greatly appreciated, and please, keep it coming, it'll help making Showbooth Go better.

Today we are releasing Showbooth Go's first update: version 1.1. Along with the usual "bug fixes" and "minor improvements", here's what's new:

  • Support for interstitials - images and videos that don’t belong in regular folders that are slotted randomly between folders and groups.
  • Improved support for integration - lets you generate a slideshow from external data sources (programming skills required).
  • Title and Price overlays can now wrap the text.
  • Checks for updated remote slideshows more often (from 2 hours to 30 minutes).
  • Option for “fit to screen” for non-motion images (with black bars).
  • Easier way to add the sample slideshow after dismissing it on first launch (when no slideshow is present, a sample option shows up when pressing the “Add a Slideshow” button).