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August 5, 2020

Showbooth Builder 1.1.1

Showbooth Builder 1.1.1 is a bug fix release, it fixes a bug in the export to Files app functionality. It also brings a few minor bug fixes and adjustments.

April 1, 2020

Showbooth Builder 1.1

Showbooth Builder 1.1 brings support for pointers (trackpad and mouse) introduced in iPadOS 13.4. It also brings the usual minor improvements and bug fixes.

January 10, 2020

Showbooth Go 1.3.5

Bug fix release to finally resolve the ghost audio issue!

The ghost audio issue was more dificult to fix than initially thought. Turns out there were several problems that could cause this issue. In previous updates (1.3.2 and 1.3.4) we fixed three problems that could originate ghost audio, and in this release we've reviewed all the relevant code and fixed two more. We are confident that the ghost audio issue is finally completely fixed.

January 10, 2020

Showbooth Builder 1.0

Showbooth Builder is finally out of beta and released in the App Store.

Be sure to check our introductory post for more information about what Showbooth Builder can do. Spoiler: it makes it very easy to build slideshows for Showbooth Go.

We hope you like it!

December 4, 2019

Showbooth Builder Beta

Uplate: The public beta has ended, Showbooth Builder has been realeased in the App Store.

The latest public beta of Showbooth Go is available (Build 171), and it brings:

  • For server uploads (via SFTP), if the path directory doesn't exist, it is created automatically.
  • Fixes corrupted server uploads (via SFTP). This also throttles back some of the speed optimizations introducted in build 165.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Previously released beta builds had the following changes:

Build 167:

  • Increased reliability of server downloads (and imports).
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Build 165:

  • Faster SFTP uploads (up to 6 times faster transfer speed, depending on network).
  • Improved progress bar based on file size instead of the number of files.
  • Added a picker.
  • Fixes a scrolling bug in settings/overlays.
  • Added export to
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks to all who tested the beta builds and wrote us back with sugestions or bug reports. It's really appreciated and essential to building a great app.

As always, if you have sugestions, found bugs or need help, drop us an e-mail.

November 18, 2019

Showbooth Go 1.3.4

Bug fix release to resolve a few issues that were found:

  • Improved handling of single folder slideshows.
  • Fixed issue when exiting slideshow after using the content menu (this could result in a ghost slideshow playing behind).
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.
November 8, 2019

Introducing Showbooth Builder

We've been working on this for months, and it's almost ready for release: Showbooth Builder is an app for iPad that lets you easily build, preview and upload your slideshows for Showbooth Go.

Showbooth Builder Screenshot

Showbooth Builder's slideshow manager.


The builder is the heart of the app (the app's name may hint it). It lets you build slideshows easily and quickly, with simple tools:

  • Add groups and folders to organize the slideshow media.
  • Add media from the Files app, through the built-in browser or by draging and dropping using multitasking (you can also drag and drop from Files or Photos if you wish). Files app support also means you can add media from iCloud Drive, a USB drive or external cloud storage providers, like Dropbox, Google Drive or others.
  • Easily change settings for your slideshow, groups/folders and media, without having to edit settings text files. Most settings supported by Showbooth Go are supported by Showbooth Builder.
  • Overlays: Add title, price or detailed overlays to your slideshows. Easily!
  • Preview your work in progress at any time!

Showbooth Builder Screenshot

Showbooth Builder's slideshow builder.


Previewing changes you make is an important part of the workflow while building a slideshow, and for that reason we've included most of the Showbooth Go slideshow engine inside Showbooth Builder to make sure the preview is as similar to the end result on your Apple TV. You can preview your slideshow or a particular group/folder of media at any time while building the slideshow.

Previews can be viewed on the device or on an external screen via Airplay or a video output adapter cable. Both mirroring and second scren mode supported.

Uploads (and Imports)

Slideshow deployment is easier, when you're done building your slideshow you can upload it to Showbooth Go on your Apple TV (via WebDAV) or send it to a web server (via SFTP) so multiple Apple TVs with Showbooth Go can download/update slideshows from one address.

You can also import existing slideshows from Showbooth Go (via WebDAV) or from a web server (via HTTP).


Showbooth Builder is currently in beta and should be released in a couple of weeks if all goes according to plan. In the meantime, if you want to give it a try, let us know.

Update: We opened the beta to anyone who wishes to try Showbooth Builder.

Showbooth Builder supports most features of Showbooth Go. Some didn't make the cut for version 1.0, but we are planing on adding them on a future release.

If you'd like to let us know what you think about the app, if you have sugestions, found bugs or need help, drop us an e-mail.

October 21, 2019

Release 1.3.3

Another bug fix release to resolve a few issues that were found:

  • Fixed memory leak that could result in crash in some video heavy slideshows after weeks running.
  • Fixed a bug where parentheses in file names could make make them ignored or have weird behaviors.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.